Project Partners

Instituto Luigi Sturzo

Instituto Luigi Sturzo (Italy)

The Luigi Sturzo Institute, established in 1951, is a cultural foundation committed to the preservation and valorisation of cultural heritage and it carries out training activities and researches in historical, sociological, political and economical fields.

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Europaeisches Zentrum fuer Medienkompetenz GmbH (Germany)

The overall aim of the ecmc is the promotion of media literacy and the corresponding advisory service at a political level. Different target groups are addressed with a wide variety of digital media projects in order to highlight the opportunities of new media for all sections of the population, thereby contributing to the concept of a general digital access. 

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Yale College of Wrexham (United Kingdom)

An outstanding UK tertiary college, Yale College is renowned for delivering excellence in further and higher education. Its impressive results and state of the art facilities attract over 14,000 students every year to achieve the skills they need for employment and further study.

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Modern Didactic Center

Modern Didactic Center (Lithuania)

Modern Didactic Center operates in the field of adult education. Its main target groups are teachers, school specialists and adult educators. The main areas of work of center are: development of innovative pre-service and in-service training programmes, teaching and training materials, consultancy, organizing conferences and other educational events. 

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Bulgarian Development Agency (Bulgaria)

The Bulgarian Development Agency (BDA) is a non-profit association undertaking activities for public benefit. BDA has been established in Sofia, Bulgaria. The association aims to contribute to the regional development issues, as well to promote the democratic and integration processes in the society.

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Anthropolis Anthropological Public Benefit Association (Hungary)

Anthropolis Association is a non-profit association to promote cultural and visual anthropological research and social development. To achieve its aims the association is specialized at organizing cultural events, conferences, education and research programmes and documentaries, publications in the subject of cultural relativism, multiculturalism and social issues. 

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Denizli Eğitim Gönüllüleri Derneği (Turkey)

Denizli Eğitim Gönüllüleri Derneği (Association of Denizli Education Volunteers) is an international non-profit organization in Denizli, Turkey. It’s aim is to provide intercultural learning opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of people for living in a more peaceful world. 

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