Partnership meeting in Germany

In the period 4 – 6 May 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany was held the second partnership meeting under the project “DeTales-Digital Education through Adult Learners EU-Enlargement Stories”.

During was discussed the current status of the project and was presented a background research aimed at collecting information about the perception of people from the countries represented in the project partnership on topics related to the European Union (EU) history and enlargement. As part of the research were interviewed more than 270 respondents from seven European countries – Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The methodology that was used for the background research was based on the elaboration of a questionnaire covering five main topics related EU history and enlargement: identity, enlargement, mobility, job market, citizen activities. Because of the heterogeneous structure of the group of the respondents consisting of citizens of three old EU member – states, three new EU member – states and one accession country, it can be said that the results can be defined as a sound basis for exploring the differences and similarities in the citizens perceptions at European scale. 

During the meeting were also held series of activities aimed and raising the awareness and the understanding of partner institution’s representatives on the methodology and the current tendencies in the field of digital storytelling. 

The next partnership meeting under the project will be held in September 2011 in Denizli, Turkey.