Project description

Entrepreneurship open learning for job creation (INCUB Training) is a two year project (2014-2016), funded by the European Commission, under the Erasmus Plus program.

The present global situation, with economic crises affecting several regions and countries, the employment opportunities are frequently scarce, with a growing offer of qualified labor hand. This lead to a growing number of persons who idealize new ways of making businesses, searching who might help them to concretize their ideas.


  • Encourage and develop a collaborative learning and critical thinking, through the strategic use of technologies of information and communication;
  • Create and implement an e-learning platform, user friendly, functioning as an Open Educational Resource (OER);
  • Promote methodologies of open and flexible learning of the target-groups;
  • Improve the training and professional capacities, notably in areas of strategic development (as creation of youth own jobs and companies), organizational management and internationalization.

Each output has a calendar defined for its achievement and the budget was estimated considering the needs for those intellectual outputs. This way, the calendar will be constantly analyzed in order to evaluate how work is going and if there is any risk of delays. Of course, the budget granted for each activity has to be respected, even if the schedule suffers some postponing.

When preparing the Interim Report it will be done a financial assessment to the work done so far; in order to ensure that if there is the need of enlarge some activity execution calendar, there is a proper use of financial resources allocated to them.

An innovative aspect of the project is the fact that it will develop training contents to improve the capacities of the beneficiaries to create their own jobs after their superior or vocational training is concluded, being this achieved through the cooperation of a High Education Institution (public) with Development and Training organizations (private). It is intended that this contents become a reference for other organizations that could in the future use them in their own training activities.

It is innovative to gather in the same platform, learning and cooperation processes, the managers and organizations responsible for entrepreneurial areas and services, and their potential clients and partners (future entrepreneurs and employees).


Project website:

Project partners:

ADRAT (leading organization)

ADRAT is a private non profit association founded in 1990. It has as associates the municipalities, agricultural associations and cooperatives, forestry and environmental associations, cultural associations and SME. Its intervention area is a rural mountainous region, with low density population and facing population exodus, where agriculture population is still very important, both social and economically. It works closely both with the associates and with other organizations, such as SME, schools, associations, involving them in seminars, workshops or conferences.


Bulgarian Development Agency

BDA is a non-profit organization, established in Sofia, Bulgaria. The organization undertakes activities for public benefit focusing on issues related to regional development, innovation, achievement and implementation of EU targets, as well as improving the social conditions in our country.



E.N.T.E.R. was founded to server four main purposes:
- to support EU strategies through the dissemination and exploitation of projects results funded by European Programmes for the benefit of all European citizens;
- to offer EU project coordinators the opportunity to disseminate information about their projects and their results to a broad community of interested organizations and bodies;
- to give European citizens and organizations the opportunity to regularly receive information about developments and results in the EU project community;
- to give interested organizations the opportunity to find EU project groups and consortia for exchanging know-how and developing innovative project ideas.


Meath Community Rural and Social Development Partnership Limited

Meath Partnership is Irish organisation responsible for the design and implementation of local, rural and community development programmes across region. We specialise in building the capacity of local communities through the design and implementation of a range of projects and programmes tackling persistent incidence of exclusion and disadvantage. We are a not-for-profit organisation with charitable status and employ 23 full-time staff.




UTAD has founded in 1986, being one of the youngest universities in the country, having already its space and recognition within academic, research, innovation and excellence sectors.
Oriented for the creation, transmission and diffusion of culture, knowledge, science and technology, UTAD bet on the growing quality of teaching, scientific research and its extension to the community, with 5 schools (Agrarian and Veterinary School, Human and Social Sciences’ School, Technology School, Sciences of Life and Environment School and Nursing Superior School).




The Chamber of Commerce of Oviedo is a Corporation governed by Public Law, which acts as a consultative body and cooperation link with the Public Administration. It represents the interests of 35.000 entrepreneurs from 69 municipalities out of the 78 municipalities that make up the Autonomous Region of Asturias. Its main activities are the following:
- Advice to SMEs (consolidation, improvement of competitive-edge, commercial development, etc)
- Career advancement: Training and employment
- International markets / foreign trade
- Supporting new entrepreneurial initiatives (company start-up)
- Innovation and new technologies
- Environment and energy efficiency