Project KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

"Employer Engagement in Design and Development of VET" is a two years project (2016-2018) funded by the European commision as a part of the program Erasmus+. The key partners of the project come from three different countries such as The United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Greece. The project is run by four organisations - ECCTIS LIMITED(United Kingdom) the co-ordinator, Pisces Learning Innovations Ltd. (United KIngdom), Bulgarian Develepment Agency (Bulgaria) and DIMITRA EKPAIDEUTIKI SYMVOULETIKI AE (Greece).

The outputs of the project are:
1. The portfolio will encompass a number of transferable best practice cases of employer engagement in the development and design of vocational training programmes designed to meet employer and sector needs. The portfolio will incorporate at least 4 examples from each partner country and at least one example from a minimum of 8 other EU Member States.
The portfolio will be in an interactive searchable tool associated with the project website, as well as being printed in a light booklet format.

2. Building on the activities of O1 (in particular O1/A1 and O1/A3) the team will draft a report onemployer involvement in VET design and development, including the influence of nationality,
the nature of each sector and company type and size. Any issues to be resolved, as well asbenefits and successes, will be identified and analysed and presented. The links betweenpolicies, systems and practical examples will also be explored to inform future policy in the field.


More about the project you can find at the project's website: http://www.ed2vet.eu/