Project „Rural Sustainable Development for Local Actors” - "RUSDELA"


“Rural Sustainable Development for Local Actors” is a year and a half project (2016-2018) , funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus program.The partner countries are. The partnership consists of 8 organizations –- Butterfly Development (Hungary) , BULGARIAN DEVELOPMENT AGENCY( Bulgaria) , MEDITERRANEAN AGRONOMIC INSTITUTE OF CHANIA (Greece) , Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta (Spain) , Mas Franch S.C.C.L. ( Spain) , SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE INOVACAO - CONSULTADORIA EMPRESARIAL E FOMENTO DA INOVACAO S.A. (Portugal) , CONSORZIO MATERAHUB INDUSTRIE CULTURALI E CREATIVE (Italy) .

There is widely available information about sustainable development, however these are either general information for the wider public or specialized curricula for formal education from kindergarten to the university level. Non-formal education, specially designed for the decision makers, working at their community, which consists tailor made knowledge does not exist.

The objective of RUSDELA is to bring interdisciplinary knowledge to these rural communities through decision makers, key figures and the civil society. Sustainability information is one side available presently as well, but fragmented, and the academic type of knowledge has to be transformed to meet the practical challenges the target group faces in their day to day work. The other objective is to increase the well- being of rural communities through their decision makers.

The project has to be carried out internationally, as southern and eastern parts of Europe have similar qualities and are facing similar problems when it comes to sustainable rural development: For example agricultural tradition; geographic disconnection from economically advanced centre’s; accumulated disadvantages with various historical and economic reasons; poverty and unemployment.
Bringing sustainable development both theoretical and practical knowledge directly to the working sphere of rural communities, local municipalities will accelerate the local usage of sustainable practices. We designed an innovative project to meet the present need for switch from the idea of “unlimited growth” to a type of “development”, which has attention to societal, environmental and economical issues as well.

Target groups and participants
Main target group (through seminars):
Small-scale disadvantaged local communities, dedicated to sustainable development: mayors, city councilors, local NGO leaders, workers, development partners of partner countries.

Secondary target group (through mini conferences and guides):
Local actors in small communities, key figures for development: mayors, city councilors, local NGO leaders, non-governmental organizations dealing with adult learning for sustainable planning, adult educators from all European countries.

This is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership Project for Adult Education coordinated by Pro-Cserehát , Hungary. The project started in 2016 and will carry on till 2018.

More about the project you can read at its website: