“European House of Entrepreneurs” (Euroent) is a two year project funded by the European Commission under the sectorial programme Leonardo da Vinci, part of the Lifelong Learning Programme. 

The objective of this project is to develop a product "The European House of Entrepreneurs" that will identify, train and support young entrepreneurs and to prepare efficient methods for networking focused on international business. The final product, the European House of Entrepreneurs, will encourage pragmatic and practical training, simulations, role plays and sharp projects defined by enterprises. In the project we will prepare for example matchmaking methods, business databases, refined consultation in how to run an enterprise and personality mapping in order to guide the students either to develop their idea or create a cluster with someone else that could complement him/her for best possible starting point.

The "European House of Entrepreneurs" will also offer a series of tutorials based on best practices from the participating countries. Analyses will be carried out in order to find out what kind of support company owners in the participating countries would have benefited from. The project will result in a product called "European House of Entrepreneurs" that educational institutions can use if they chose to work according to the new method. The level of the final product will be based on the EQF framework. We will, of course, survey how every country takes care of students with business ideas and create this concept into a European one, focused on trade within the Union and not only on a national level.
European House of Entrepreneurs will use conventional, well tried methods as well as unconventional, innovative methods that will be tested in a pilot group. 

Role of the Bulgarian Development Agency:

As a partner under the project Bulgarian Development Agency will actively participate in the identification of the best practices considering the different needs, traditions and attitudes to the entrepreneurship in the country. We will also perform a pilot testing of the project products within the preliminary defined target groups.

Euroent project web site: