Euroent Project Partners

The partnership consists of nine organizations from different European countries - Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. The constellation consists of educational institutions, expert organizations on Entrepreneurship and small business development, enterprises and incubator organizations.

Aspero Logo

Aspero Kompetens AB

Aspero is an educational organization consisting of Aspero Kompetens and Aspero Independent School. They focus on modern, blended learning with strong ICT & entrepreneurial focus. Their programs, courses and projects are created in cooperation with enterprises on a regional, national and international level. They offer standard diplomas as well as tailor made training programs. Aspero has a unique perception for the markets current need for competence and provides exciting opportunities for students, enterprises and organizations. Besides from vocational training they provide training courses and programs for employers and employees.


Platijn Logo

Plantijn Hogeschool van de Provincie Antwerpen

Plantijn Hogeschool provides higher education in the area of Business Management, Communication and Journalism, Law and Management sciences, Socio-educational Care Work and Teacher training. The University College is constantly cooperating with multinationals, SMEs, entrepreneurs and local governmental and social organisations.


Ankara Logo

Ankara Milli Egitim Mudurlugu

Ankara Directorate for National Education is local authority for education in Ankara. The institution is responsible for management of all educational institutions including preschool, primary, secondary, vocational and adult education institutions in Ankara. The institution has its own Research&Development Centre which implements researches to improve the quality of education and find solutions for problems experienced in schools.


IRP Logo

IRP Institute for entrepreneurship research

The purpose of IRP Institute for Entrepreneurship Research is to educate and support entrepreneurs and to contribute to a better understanding of entrepreneurial processes. University business incubator run by IRP is assigned for examining enterprise ideas of students, researchers and professors also and also for complete support of university spin off companies in their initial phase of development. Essential for successful functioning of IRP Institute for Entrepreneurship Research is a close cooperation with key national and international entrepreneurs, corporations, universities, governmental institutions and other public and private institutions. 


Emerald Marketing Logo

Emerald Marketing

Emerald Marketing is a marketing consultancy company based in Italy. It is engaged in trade development and provides marketing consultancy for foreign companies wishing to promote their products and services in Italy and abroad. Through its sister company, Managerial Dynamics, it offers executive coaching and training programmes focused on helping managers at different levels within organisations develop and enhance their cross cultural skills in order to effectively respond to the challenges of globalization in their work environment. The company offers training programs to multinational and domestic companies as well as government agencies and educational institutions. 


Tczew Logo

Tczew Municipality

Municipality of Tczew is a local self-government, responsible for providing collective needs of their community. Economic development including development of small and medium enterprises is strongly taken into account in strategic objectives of the Municipality. Apart from projects which relate to life long learning idea, various tools of fostering starts-up and young businessmen are implemented. Municipality of Tczew takes their responsibility in the context of the Lisbon Growth and Job Strategy and accepts a challenge of creating SME friendly environment.


Space Logo

Space European Network For Business Studies and Languages

The network focuses on Business (in its many forms), Language and Intercultural Communication, Hospitality & Tourism Management and Entrepreneurship. As a special service they give inspiration to their members via our Committee for Entrepreneurship about how to: build entrepreneurial institutions, how to integrate entrepreneurship in higher education programmes, and how to develop entrepreneurial competences for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in training and education.


BDA Logo

Bulgarian Development Agency

 The Bulgarian Development Agency (BDA) is a non-profit association undertaking activities for public benefit. BDA has been established in Sofia, Bulgaria. The association aims to contribute to the regional development issues, as well to promote the democratic and integration processes in the society.


The Interreg Consult KFT

The Interreg Consult KFT is a Hungarian limited liability company, providing services in the area of market research, consultation of businessmen for entering the East European Market and project development. KFT is actively involved in projects regarding entrepreneurship and business development.