"Florà: handmade women across the Europe" (2017-1-IT02-KA204-036766) is 24 months Erasmus+ strategic partnership project KA2.

We focused on EXCHANGES OF BEST PRACTICES. The consortium is a mix of appropriate complementary five institutions with the necessary profile, experiences an expertise to deliver all aspects of the project, coming from different fields of educations and trainings including newcomers to this action. There are partners from Poland, Italy, Spain,Ceca Republic, Bulgaria. Coordinator is Creativi108 from Italy.

The project is designed to share experiences and best practices in adult education and to share and to create innovative methods useful tools for women handmakers through training courses based on European cooperation.  The project is the answer on local demands of all partners who comes from the regions of high unemployment of women and participants are looking for alternative way for self employment to work in creative sector and open micro-enterprises.

The general objective of the project is to develop partnerships between educational organisations focus on potential growth area
such as handmade. The specific objectives of the project are:

1-Share good practices of self employment through open source learning.
2-Sustain a net of European Handmade workers.
3-Sustain the exchange of competences.

The impact of the project is seen on project participants who gained new competencies and became able to compete on the labour market with professionals. Partners' organisations created strong partnership and continue cooperation. The potential long term benefits will be seen as
improvement of the quality of education and training in the partners' organisations. It will emerge as improvement of the situation on the women labour market when learners
share own experience and newly gained skills with future learners professional level and start to work as handmakers.


For more information the website of the project is: https://www.handmade-flora.com/